Hyperfunk - Drum Kit + Melodic One-Shot Pack

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✨✨ Hyperfunk ✨✨
a little bit funk, a little bit hyperpop

You should get this pack because:

  1. It saves you from doing the grunt work of sound design for drums and presets
  2. It gives you quick inspiration with 10 MIDI chord progressions
  3. It saves you time building out arpeggio one-shots


👉 This is something that I genuinely will use! It makes life so much easier and I wish I made something like this 5 years ago!


What's inside: 

- 50 Serum presets + WAV files if you don't have Serum
- 83 Drum one shots/loops
- 17 MIDI "arp one-shots" for that intro sparkle effect (in major and minor)
- 10 MIDI chord progressions


File info: 

- WAV files, Serum .FXP files (version 1.322)
- Total size: 336MB regular, download is a 283MB zip file




50 Serum presets (also WAV files)

11x Bass | 7x Keys
11x Lead | 1x Pad
8x Pluck | 12x Synth

83 Drum sounds

8x Clap | 6x Cymbal
10x Fills | 14x Hats
16x Kicks | 12x Shakers/Tambourine loops
11x Snares | 6x Pre-Snares

35 Arp one-shot MIDIs

17x C Major
17x A Minor
1x No Key

10 Chord progressions

All in C Major, easy to transpose



Total = 178 Files